The Annesley Institute is a private school that serves as a legal umbrella school for homeschoolers in the State of Florida. We are physically located in Northwest Florida. Students registered with us attend classes daily in their own homes throughout the state.

Private Schools offer an exciting alternative within the homeschooling world. Private schools provide the accountability, academic support and secretarial support of a private school while maintaining and facilitating the freedom and flexibility of Homeschooling. A private school is really the best of both worlds!

Additional Benefits of Choosing The Annesley Institute as your school

1. Students of The Annesley Institute are considered Private School Students. Their families enjoy a level of privacy that is not available to the standard homeschooler. Our student’s academic records are not filed with the local school district, nor can any member of the school district request to inspect our student’s portfolios.

2. Students of The Annesley Institute are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that will greatly enrich their educational experience. These activities include things like field trips, co-op, field days, science fairs, a community garden and much more.

3. Middle school students in the 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to earn high school credits. This can prepare your student to have more time to focus on career or college directed courses during their high school years.

4. Students completing their high school education through The Annesley Institute are granted some truly unique opportunities:

-Our students have the opportunity to earn high school credits by participating in custom designed Internship/Apprenticeship programs.

-We believe that each person was created with a special set of gifts and challenges. As such we do not believe that any person should be penalized for the physical and mental challenges that they may face. Therefore, all of our students who complete their individualized high school program successfully, will receive a High School Diploma. We do not believe in substituting this prized document with a Certificate of Achievement.

To put it simply, this means that your student with Special Educational Needs can earn a genuine High School Diploma through The Annesley Institute.

We are very excited about the year ahead! Connect with us via our social media sites for more information. Check out our Facebook page at The Annesley Institute. We are also on Pinterest at TAInstitute. Please share our links with your friends and family. Our school will grow best with your referrals.

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