What Are The Graduation Requirements at The Annesley Institute?

One of the aspects of a Private “Umbrella” School that we find most exciting here at The Annesley Institute is that we have the freedom to determine, along with our students and their parents the best graduation goals for each individual student.

We highly recommend that families check with any colleges that their graduate hopes to attend as to their admission requirements. However, it is not required that students complete the courses of study as determined by the FDOE in order to graduate from The Annesley Institute.

Per the FDOE

“The Department of Education does not have jurisdiction over private schools. Legislative intent not to regulate, control, approve, or accredit private educational institutions, churches, their ministries, religious instruction, freedoms, or rites, is explicit. The owners of private elementary and secondary schools in Florida are solely responsible for all aspects of their educational programs, including:

Certification, qualification, and training of teachers and administrators; Content and comprehensiveness of the curriculum; Duties, qualifications, and salaries of faculty and staff; tuition, class size, fee scales, pupil expenditures, and refund policies; Student assessment, academic credits, grades, and graduation or promotion requirements; Student regulation, dismissal, and expulsion policies; and Student records content, retention, transfer, and release.

Such issues as dress code, discipline, punishment and behavior, extra curricular activities, religious participation, parental responsibilities, and parental involvement in school activities varies from one private school to another. “

This information can be viewed on the FDOE website here

How Are Graduation Requirements Determined?

Our goal is to work with families in determining individual graduation requirements. While some students may wish to follow a traditional path and adhere closely to State of Florida guidelines another student may prefer to achieve a more OJT based diploma. This diversity is okay with us here at The Annesley Institute. In fact, this is what we are all about.

We firmly believe that each individual is unique with a unique set of God-given abilities; therefore, it would be detrimental to expect the same goals and results in each student’s education.

When planning their student’s high school education we ask that families prayerfully consider their student’s life goals as well as their innate abilities and interests. Again, we highly recommend that families check with any colleges that their graduate hopes to attend as to their admission requirements. We also suggest that families inquire as to any testing requirements at any desired colleges.

We do require that all of our high school students construct and maintain a High School Plan. The High School Plan will outline the student’s goals for their high school experience and serve as a bench mark to monitor their progress. This plan is due at the begining of each student’s 9th grade year and will be evaluated annually. For more detailed information, please see the Parent Teacher Handbook.

Special Opportunities at The Annesley Institute

One of the aspects that really sets The Annesley Institute apart from other schools are the unique opportunities that we offer our high school students.

Our students have the opportunity to earn high school credits by participating in custom designed Internship/Apprenticeship programs. We will assist families in structuring these programs for their students. Upon satisfactory completion, the student will recieve elective credit on his/her high school transcript.

We believe that each person was created with a special set of gifts and challenges. As such we do not believe that any person should be penalized for the physical and mental challenges that they may face. Therefore, all of our students who complete their individualized high school program successfully, will recieve a High School Diploma. We do not believe in substituting this prized document with a Certificate of Achievement.