Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is now open

1) Read our Parent Teacher Handbook.

2) Print out an application, complete and mail along with applicable fees to the address listed in our Parent Teacher Handbook.

Things to include with your application:

A) If your child is 9th grade or above, complete and include with your application a highschool plan. If you need assistance in completing this plan please feel free to contact us.

B) The following health forms:

1. School Entry Health Examination form-Department of Health Form DH 3040

ss. 1002.42(5) and 1003.22(1) and (2), F.S. state that private schools must maintain certain student health examination documentation.

2. Immunization form-Department of Health Form DH 680

ss. 1002.42(6) and 1003.22(3)-(11), F.S. Private schools must maintain a Florida Certification of Immunization for each child. This form is not available to the public and must be completed by a Florida physician or a Florida county health department.

Waivers are avialable for both these forms and can be obtained at your local health department. You must include either these two forms or an official waiver in order for you application to be processed. No exceptions will be made.

3) Once your application has been processed you will recieve a Letter of Enrollment at the email that you provided on your application form.