We are excited to be able to offer rates that are affordable for the average homeschooling family! We also offer discounted family rates for larger families of children in grades K5-8.

Prices are a follows:

  1. Grades K5-8th

One Time Application Fee $20/Child

Annual Enrollment $45/Child

Discounted Family Rates

Families with 4-6 children (K5-8) $150/Family

Families with 7-8 children (K5-8) $200/Family

Families with 9+ children (K5-8) $200 for the first 8 children, then $25 for each additional child

K5 Graduation Fee (TBD)

  1. Grades 9-12

One Time Application Fee $50

Annual High School Plan; Review and Support $50

Annual Enrollment $150

For highschool students enrolling after 9th grade, an additional credit acceptance fee will apply. This fee is $100/year of credits transferred.

High School Graduation Fee (TBD)

  1. Homeschool Legal Defense Association

We require that all our member familes hold a family membership with HSLDA. The cost for their annual family membership is $120. We anticipate being able to offer a discount off this fee.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Co-op Participation

$40/family/academic year. This fee covers our expenses in providing quality learning experiences. This fee can be paid in full at the beginning of the year or payments in the amount of $10/child/quarter can be mailed in with quarterly reports. Please designate on your check that the funds are for Co-op participation.

Field Trips

Prices to be determined. Will vary by destination and facility entrance fees and charges.