Here at The Annesley Institute we require that families file Quarterly and Annual reports. The information that we request guarantees that our school is able to maintain compliance with Florida State Statutes and continue to meet the needs of our student’s and their families.

Quarterly Reporting

Quarterly Reports are due by the Friday following any scheduled 9 week period (see Academic Calendar for dates). Our Quarterly Reporting Forms are available on our website. Information that is required on a quarterly basis are:

1. Attendance 2. Excused absenses 3. Grades

To file a Quarterly Report:

Print, complete and mail in required form to our school address:

The Annesley Institute
Attn: Ashley Lundell
7417 Stagecoach Road
Pensacola, FL    32526

Annual Reporting

Annual Reports are due at the end of each academic year. These reports can be submitted along with the 4th Quarterly Report for Option One students and along with 5th Quarter Report for Option Two students. Our Quarterly Reporting Forms are available on our Form Page

Documentation that is required on a Annual basis is:

1. Letter of Life Experiences May be a bulleted or numbered list or an actual letter Should descibe any learning experiences that your student is involved in throughout the school year. Please feel free to be creative with this list and include any activity that you believe was a learning experience for your child(ren). Samples available on our Form Page.

2. Any Standardised Test Results Standardised tests are not required for lower level students but are highly reccommended for high school levels.

3. List of Curriculum Completed (Grade Level Must be Included) It is understood that one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is having the liberty to taylor our curriculum choices to each of our children. Therefore, we understand that your textbooks may not always reflect the exact grade in which a child is enrolled. Our only requirements are that you list the title, publisher and grade level for each of your curriculum choices. If the text you are using is recommended for a grade below that in which your child is registered, include a brief writen explanation as to why.

To meet this requirement, families can utilize the “Elementary-Middle Curriculum Plan Form” for grades K4-6 or the “High School Plan Form” for grades 8-12. These forms are available on our Form Page.

4. A yearly portfolio must be maintained for each student. We do not require that the entire portfolio be mailed in each year. A photograph of the front of your book will be sufficient for our records. However, for our local families wishing to take advantage of our curriculum support services, we would be glad to do an annual review of your portfolios. We have personally discovered that these annual reviews can offer insight and encouragment. For grades k5-8 there is no additional charge for this service. For our high school students, annual portfolio reviews can be included in the Annual High School Plan review.

Additional Reporting for High School Students

Students enrolled in our high school program are required to submit an Annual High School Plan. This information should be subitted with applicable fee with the students initial application and then again annually with their annual renewal application. If needed please contact our office for assistance in completeing this form.

Please note: If you are a local family, you may schedule an appointment to conduct your review in person.

High school students participating in an Internship/Apprenticeship for credit must also submit a Course Syllabus. Student’s must receive approval of their syllabus prior to credit being awarded. Ideally this approval should be received prior to the start of the student’s intership/apprenticeship. Please see High School requirements in the Parent Teacher Handbook for more information.

To file an Annual Report:

Print, complete and mail in required form and documentation to our school address:

The Annesley Institute
Attn: Ashley Lundell
7417 Stagecoach Road
Pensacola, FL    32526